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rubbermaid hidden recycler

There isn’t anything fashionable about garbage except one thing recycling. Being eco-friendly in today’s day in age is a fantastic thing and is as common as wearing your shoes. While some states aren’t blessed with the best recycling programs and others have fantastic ones there is still a need to store everything to be recycled.

I consider myself very lucky, when our kitchen was remodeled one thing that I wanted was an in the cabinet garbage can. One of those drawers that pull out so you don’t get a smell in the kitchen or have the unfashionable garbage can out in plain sight, we aren’t lucky enough to have our garage attached to the house otherwise I would have the garbage and recycle bins right there. We need to store the items to be recycled otherwise we will trek down the stairs and out to the blue bin and back to the house every time we need to recycle something.

I was in need of storage for our recycle needs so I don’t always have to run out to the bins on the porch which are “green” and keep our recycles in one spot until they go into the Big Blue Bin. I know it sounds complicated but I was happy when Rubbermaid contacted me with a super solution.

Recycle Bin Storage Solutions

If you haven’t heard of Rubbermaid before, I am shocked but let me introduce you to this amazing company. Rubbermaid is known throughout my family for its storage solutions. They make quality storage for all our family’s needs from food storage to their organizational Bento boxes. They have been making products for over 70 years that simplify life. From home and garden to seasonal and even commercial products they were recognized as a “Brand of the Century” and are one of 100 companies named as having an impact on the American way of life.

hidden recycler

Rubbermaid sent me their Hidden Recycler and I was a little worried at first because there are so many ways that this type of product could fail I just wasn’t sure about it. It could have a flimsy bag, the hardware could scratch my cabinets (which would royally make my fiancée upset since we just redid our kitchen.)There were just so many things that I could imagine in my head going wrong. When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised. It was very compact and very easy to assemble. The instructions for assembly were very clear and well written and within minutes I had it completed.

The first thing that I noticed was the bag itself, being from 65% post-consumer resin, it was really lightweight and is able to even stand up on its own. It has an inside lining to it as well that is white and made of the same material. The bag wasn’t flimsy at all like I thought it might be and it’s leak proof as well. It’s a heavy duty bag that is super lightweight and washable. You can toss the bag, not the plastic parts, in the machine and wash on cold, hang to dry and it’s as good as new. The bag is a 5 gallon bag so it is big enough to fit milk gallons in which I love. The bag slides onto the frame of the lid, there are corresponding slots on the bag that match with the tabs on the frame. You attach the bag on by folding the tabs underneath and sliding them in the slits. Once done just pull down to tighten it and you are finished.

The hooks, this was our downfall since we have custom cabinets, our cabinets have, I guess you could call it “trim” on them. The hooks do not go over the cabinet completely to let it hang like it’s supposed too. I don’t want to jam it down there because it might mark the cabinets and then I wouldn’t be a happy camper. If the hanger was just a bit wider it would be perfect and fit perfect.

The bag fit perfectly in the cabinet, height wise, which I was a little worried it might not, but it fit with room to spare. The cabinet will not shut because the hooks don’t fit right but on normal cabinets they will fit fine like it did on our bathroom cabinets.

Since we are a family of 6 it holds about 3 days’ worth of recyclables and we recycle cans, bottles, milk cartons as well as cardboard boxes. We take apart the boxes to flatten them and they slide in easily, we also crush everything before putting it in so there is enough room in there for about 3 days’ worth. To empty all we do is lift it up and carry it to the bin and dump it in. The convenient carry handle allows for easy emptying.

Overall this is one of the greatest innovative products that I have come across for recycling. There isn’t a need for those pesky large bins that look, well awful, and no need to lug out a bin anymore. This bag has a handle right on it so you just remove it from the hooks and take it to the bin and dump, put it back on and you are ready to go again. You can wash the bag so it doesn’t get too stinky, it’s light and portable. This would be wonderful for families or even apartments where there isn’t a lot of space for recycles.

You can purchase the Hidden Recycler from Rubbermaid for $17.59.

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  1. I learned about how they need to rethink the hooks on the bins, which is a good factor to consider if you have cabinets with trim.

  2. Azslyn Cole says:

    i learned that you can organize your recyclables

  3. It is very light weights and from reused material and it is hidden in my kitchen 🙂

  4. Kathy Smith says:

    I am living in a small house and this is a great way to save some space.