Dirty Work Index Released By Scrubbing Bubbles

Dirty Work Index

Household cleaning responsibilities seem to always fall on the woman of the house and for the most part most men are rarely seen scrubbing the bathtub, tile, or the toilet. Scrubbing Bubbles recently released their second annual Dirty Work Index Survey, which tackles that age old question about how couples feel about cleaning.

While men and women have different ideas on what constitutes a clean house, everyone will admit that a clean home is a comfortable home.

Dirty Work Index

This year’s Dirty Work Index Survey focused on men, women and the modern family and how they approach cleaning and getting everything done. The survey found that men and women tend to divide and conquer the household chores with 70 percent of women responsible for the laundry, and three quarters of men taking out the garbage, proving that teamwork can help keep the house clean without conflict. Men and women agree on cleaning in some very notable areas, 71 percent of men and women say they thoroughly clean the house at least once a week and 96 percent spot clean at least once a week. Men and women both agree that a clean bathroom equals a clean home and with 45 percent agreeing that the bathroom is the most important place to clean there is bound to be much less grime, mildew and soap scum in bathrooms. A bathroom cleaner has a tough job to do.

Men are helping more and more when it comes to maintaining the home but women are still the primary delegates when it comes to  calling the shots. One out of 3 couples currently talks about and divide responsibilities and men are more likely to take turns or switch off on chores while 29 percent of women decide who’s responsible for what.

What motivates couples to clean? 91 percent of both men and women agree that they clean to eliminate clutter and 95 percent want to be more comfortable in their home. Women are more likely to clean to relieve stress than men as well as to eliminate odors. Men are significantly more likely to clean as a gift to their spouses. Nearly 40 percent of women believe that wiping down countertops/surfaces and windows are necessary to maintain a clean home but a quarter of men believe that doing laundry and taking out the garbage keeps the home clean.

How does my family divide the responsibilities?

It wasn’t all that long ago that I did just about everything when it came to cleaning. We do have two school aged children and both of the children have chores that they do like taking the garbage out, cleaning out the dishwasher and setting the table. I am the one who delegates them out to the family. I am very lucky, my fiancée will clean without being asked but that didn’t happen without many arguments. I am tired when the day is done, I run after 4 kids including an infant and a toddler, I blog as well and both of those are often full time jobs so cleaning sometimes doesn’t get done as much as I wanted it too. It wasn’t until recently where we had a heart to heart about him helping out a little bit more to relieve me a bit and keep me out of a psych ward, (figuratively of course.) That seemed to be the key to his new routine when it comes to cleaning. My fiancée is fantastic and now does a lot more like cleaning the bathrooms and every once in a while he will pick up a dust rag and dust things, while most of the time it’s an electronic of some kind, at least it’s something.  We might have to re-think his cleaning chores though because Scrubbing Bubbles takes a lot of the work out of cleaning our bathrooms especially with their new bathroom cleaner with color power technology; it sprays on blue and turns white when clean. This takes the guess work out of his cleaning routine and leaves a brilliant shine. It even allows him to get the hard to reach spots because even if he turns the can upside down it still sprays. Since Scrubbing Bubbles has cut his cleaning time in half I might just have to switch our responsibilities around and let him tackle the dreaded laundry while I clean the bathrooms.

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