Updating Your Bathroom With Danze

Danze Shower Head

Home decorating can be a lot of fun. I love dressing up my house but I also like when I can get modern add ons that make life a bit more comfortable for our family but add retail value to our home too. I have been searching for a great shower head that will give us that spa type experience I have been wanting similar to my bathroom faucets. Of course we cannot afford one of those rainfall shower heads because the plumbing and pipes alone would break the bank but Danze had an amazing solution at a super affordable price but best of all no need to hire someone to move pipes or install it.

We had the chance to review the 4” Three Function shower head from Danze, and I am really impressed with it. Danze designs some of the most modern shower heads on the market. Not only are they modern but also water saving by optimizing water intensity at low pressure. Water Sense also meets the EPA criteria so you use 30% less water than a standard showerhead at a 2.5pm rate. First in the box, the chrome sparkles which is always a plus but the one thing that blew me away is this little piece right here.

Plumbers tape! There are so many shower heads or faucets that do not come with this and you don’t know until you take it home so you have to run out and get it. It’s included the box with the shower head which is brilliant in my opinion.

Installation took about 10 minutes, my fiancée was out of town and we had a family emergency when this came so instead of waiting for him to install it, I did it myself. Now I have no plumbing experience and I wouldn’t call myself handy either. I installed it in about 10 minutes. It was super easy and the instructions were really easy to understand. Who needs a guy to change a shower head? Not this girl! It’s as easy as 1, 2, and 3.

Step 1: Unscrew your old shower head; use a wrench and then hand unscrew it. Our house is old so our pipe is way up there. The wrench doesn’t go all the way around like normal so it took me a bit longer to work it to where I could unscrew it by hand.

Shower head installation

Step 2: Wrap the plumbers tape around the pipe. This step I did not know until I called my dad and he told me, so I did have a little help. Thanks dad! Wrap it along the threads of the pipe.

Danze Shower Head

Step 3: Screw on your new Danze shower head, use a wrench to tighten it when it’s hard to screw on with your hand.

danze Shower head review

Walla! Now you can enjoy your new shower head, I couldn’t wait to take a shower so I asked my oldest to watch everyone while I took one. The showerhead has 3 jets a wide, center and aeration. I wish it had the option for all three of them but I am not sure that would be water saving. The shower head has a swivel head so you can adjust it thanks to the brass ball joint, which makes directing the water a breeze. In order to use each of the functions you just need to turn the shower head, you will hear clicks as you go through all 3 of them.

Shower head review

The shower head is amazing and relaxing, I also love that the hot water seems to not run out as quickly. Thank you water saving technology! I cannot say enough great things about this shower head but I will say one last thing and that is, it’s perfect for families or singles but if you live with others that like a more straight, hard flower when you like the softer wider flow this shower head has both. Best of all they are affordable priced so there is no need to break your pocket book.

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