Boutique Birthday Party Kits for Kids by Doc Milo

Boutique Birthday Party Kits for Kids

It’s party time and we have a birthday coming up in our family. It will be my nieces 1st birthday soon and that day is always special. You can never forget your little ones first birthday so I wanted to make it special for my brother and sister in law in some way. Knowing that I am the party planner in the family, I always go all out with treat boxes and decorations and we cannot even begin to forget the foods and desserts. I think most of my family could care less about the wall decorations but love the food and desserts. I am the one that searches the internet high and low in order to create that one of a kind party. My mom always tells me I should be a party planner but I do enough already, I cannot imagine party planning as a full time job too.

Lots of things go into planning a party but one thing that I do not have is a lot of time. I do not have time to print out, cut, buy papers and embellish things as much as I would like too. Thankfully there is an amazing company called Doc Milo that allows you to create that one of a kind custom party with their gorgeous birthday party kits. From custom invitations, to treat boxes and cupcake wrappers Doc Milo has a great selection for all your parties. From birthday parties to baby showers, bridal parties to bbq’s they have the most wonderful birthday party paper accessories that will complete your party.

Boutique Birthday Party Kits for Kids

Docmilo Partyware

We got the chance to review one of their birthday party kits for my niece’s first birthday party. Since my sister in law loves purple and I do as well it was only natural that it would have a purple theme to it. Upon arrival I loved the representation of the box, complete with bow and menu style instructions which are just too cute. The kit was complete in this little box.  Totally brilliant and amazing presentation, inside the box individually packaged was everything I needed.


It included the following:

–          One 12 foot party Banner ( Happy Birthday)

–          10 Treat boxes with tape strips 2 different designs 5 of each

–          20 Striped paper straws with printed flag labels

–          10 patterned cupcake wrappers 2 styles 5 of each

–          10 cake pop stands with striped stems and feather toppers 2 styles 5 of each

–          12 assorted treat tags with 4 yard of matching satin ribbon

–          Pattern Sheets

I love it when companies do things like this because it makes me feel like I am a special customer and that’s what keeps me coming back. I got to work immediately on putting everything together because I was too excited to leave it in the box. Each package is individually wrapped and labeled so it’s easy to put together. The step by step instructions are easy to follow even for someone who is DIY challenged. There aren’t many small pieces or complicated steps to putting any of it together.

birthday party kits

The banner is just gorgeous because it is 12 feet long. This is the most amazing size because it’s great for at home parties, in the dining room or family room, or even outdoor parties to string along the deck or porch, or even a party at a local kids party place. The best part is, without personalization it can be used over and over again without any hassles and can even be used into the teen and adult years because of its simple yet modern design.

The striped paper straws and the little flags are great. Now we will be using these in adult drinks because they are too pretty for the kids. We tend to get water bottles for the kids and with the pattern sheets it was easy to put together the labels for the water bottles so the kids had some treat too.

cupcake wrappers

The cupcake wrappers and cake pop stands will always be a favorite of mine. They dress up the table beautifully and give each cupcake and cake pop their own style and pizazz.

cake pop kit

I love the feather that goes on top of the cake pop. This is such a neat idea and perfect for a princess party for that special little girl even if she is 30 and having a first baby or getting married. The little touches are everything and that little touch speaks volumes and is so elegant!

Treat Boxes

The treat boxes are made of thicker paper stock so they can bend but be durable enough. I love the printed saying on them of Look Who’s One and I love that it has two patterns to the boxes.

Overall I LOVE everything that we got from Doc Milo, their paper party wear is amazing and the perfect addition to any party and super easy to put together. I love that everything is made from quality paper so it doesn’t rip easy. They have a huge selection of party supplies for every occasion. The designs are timeless and classic but modern so they will appeal to everyone. Everything has a touch of elegance to it whether it’s the feathers on the cake pop stand or the writing on the treat boxes. It looks like I created all the supplies and spent a fortune but in reality I spend much less than everyone thinks.

Doc Milo products are available at select online retailers as well select retail shops. Stay up to date with Doc Milo on Facebook.

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