Disney Storybook App The Lion King Timon’s Tale

Lion King Storybook App

Who could forget the story of a young cub born into royalty who was destined to become king and his adventure on the road to discovering who he really was. Does this ring a bell? The young cub was Simba and the beloved story of The Lion King.

Disney Publishing Worldwide has brought this crowd favorite and its beloved story to Idevices with the release of The Lion King: Timon’s Tale. February 27th was the release of this app and is the first full length interactive storybook app to integrate specially rendered film animation, which invites children and Disney fans of all ages to re-live the classic tale.

Disney Storybook App

Disney Publishing Wordwide worked closely with Walt Disney Animated Studios to provide young readers with the ultimate reading experience with The Lion King: Timon’s Tale. Disney DigitalBooks allows children to enjoy these wonderful stories across all platforms by giving them the ability to read whenever, wherever, whatever and however they would like.

We had the chance to test out The Lion King: Timon’s Tale with the help of my best friends Ipad. Yes, we don’t own an Ipad but she was more than willing to let the kids have it for a while since she is getting a new one.  This was a new experience for the kids since they have never used one for a long period of time.

This app recounts Simba’s exciting adventures of becoming king as told through the eyes of everyone’s favorite meerkat, Timon!

This app is the most amazing experience for children of all ages. My two oldest children, 7 and 5, experienced this first hand while my youngest two looked on. The graphics on the app are genuinely amazing. They really captured the essence of the Lion King brilliantly so there weren’t any variations and the kids knew exactly who was who.  I was expecting a story type book where Timon would tell the tale of the Lion King, but it is so much more than that. This not only tells the story through Timon’s eyes, and quite thoroughly, but has many interactive features that the children loved including the humor of Timon.

There are chalk type marks that appear throughout the story and when you swipe your finger where the mark is the character preforms the action. The kids loved “ditch the dodo”. Other times you need to transform the landscape, the dark and gloomy Pride Rock into the beautiful and bountiful Pride Rock. Then there is a part where children can look at the stars and connect the dots to form an image. The one part of the app that was the most fun was practicing their Roars to scare off those pesky hyenas! You roar just like Mufasa and Simba and then it plays it back. The kids got a major kick out of this one. It was one of their favorite parts.

It is pure fun with education in the mix because the kids can read along with Timon. They can draw with Rafiki and snatch up grubs with Timon and so much more. This is truly a wonderful app like only Disney can do. With so much to do it provides kids with hours of fun and they haven’t got bored with it yet and it’s been almost a week since we received it.

This app is rated 4+ but with adult supervision younger ones can also enjoy it just as much older children. The Lion King: Timon’s Tale is filled with Disney magic just like I had expected. It teaches children reading and incorporates fun into the mix with different interactions. Whether you have a 3 year old who is just learning the ropes or a 10 year old who is well read and loves Disney this app is enjoyable for children of all ages to enjoy. It’s priced incredibly and is a steal for the amount of fun it provides.

You can purchase the Lion King: Timon’s Tale app for $4.99 and is available for Ipad, Ipod Touch and Iphone.

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