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Design It Yourself Handbags

Have you ever walked into the store and saw the perfect handbag? Only to discover that they didn’t have the color you would have wanted or the print you like? That has happened to me on more than one occasion. I love the designs of bags but sometimes I want it in a different print or color and I don’t like it one bit!

Elemental threads or e-threads has the solution to that problem, you don’t need any design skills or know how to sew to create your very own one of a kind handbag.  The best part about is that when people ask you, you can say thanks I designed it! Elemental Threads has a variety of base bags that you can choose from and then the fun part begins. You choose everything for the bag. The patterns on the bag, the lining, straps and even the hardware, they have a variety of patterns available from floral, to modern floral, Paris style, and much more. Designing your own handbag has never been easier and if you find that you don’t like the one you selected just pick another print. It’s easy and so much fun.

E-Thread Review

For review I was sent their very popular Clutch. I will admit that it took me quite a while to pick out my favorite pattern because there is so many to choose from that’s the only drawback to design it yourself bags. I finally decided on a Parisian themed print. The print is gorgeous beige, black and simple pattern that is very elegant and classic, not to mention it’s very neutral and goes with everything. I kept the print throughout including the wrist portion of it. I could have chosen a different print or a solid color but I liked the look of it like that. The lining I chose was a dark brown which coordinates very well with print.

Design It Yourself Handbags

When I ordered my clutch I had accidently reversed the pattern and I got an email from them asking if that’s how I wanted it. I told them it wasn’t but they checked with me before they made my order and I am so happy that they did. Sometimes mistakes happen and the last thing I need was a backwards pattern on a purse. Not many companies will do that which I loved!

When I got the clutch, I couldn’t wait to show it around town and I cannot tell you how many compliments I got on it within 2 hours of receiving it. The best part about it is you can tell them you designed it yourself!

Overall I am over the moon with the clutch that I received from E-threads, its amazing quality. I love that they have many base bags to choose from and lots of popular fabrics. Designing a bag has never been more fun with no sewing required. I love that I can choose everything on the bag so it suits my taste. The best part is, is that my bad is a one of a kind and sure someone might choose the exact fabric somewhere but chances are they won’t be in my town or city. It really is a one of a kind bag. These make really one of kind gifts for everyone. I love the idea of using these bags as bridal gifts because I can customize them to fit each bridesmaid’s personality.

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