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Best Womens Jeans

Wallflower Jeans are the best womens jeans. Just as my second child, Reagan, approached her first birthday, I finally got down to weight that I haven’t seen since before I had kids! Although my weight is back down, my body after two kids just isn’t the same.  I have struggled with finding clothes that fit me and my new body.  In my opinion, there is nothing better than slipping on a pair of jeans that fit perfectly!  I love jeans because you can pair them with a simple tshirt and flip flops for a casual outfit or dress them up with a fun, flirty shirt for a date night or going out with your girlfriends.  I am pretty out of the loop when it comes to the latest fashion so its always a struggle for me to find clothes that are both flattering and trendy.  The different styles are overwhelming and honestly make my head spin a bit.  Bootcut, Skinny, Flare, Low rise – what does this all mean??

Wallflower Jeans are the Best Womens Jeans ever, and they have a huge selection of jeans to fit everyone’s style and body type.  I received a pair of the Luscious Curvy Bootcut Fit in a Dark Sandblast Wash.  I’m always reluctant about ordering jeans online because I don’t know how they will really fit me and hate to deal with returning them if they don’t.  I was so excited when I slipped on the pair of Wallflower Jeans and they fit like a glove!  I think I literally jumped up and down! These jeans are my perfect reward for all the hard work of losing the weight.  They have a contoured fitted waistband with two buttons that give my mommy belly a little bit more support and coverage, as well as minimize gapping.  The jeans are so flattering through the waist and hips.  They have a little bit of stretch that helps them hug me in the right places to flatter my figure perfectly.  Lets face it, although I’ve lost the weight, I still have curves and these jeans accent all the best parts of my curvy figure!  I love the Dark Sandblast Wash and all the details that make these jeans look custom made for me, including the amazing stitching on the back pockets.  The jeans have a 18″ boot cut opening perfect for my favorite heels or boots! These are my new favorite jeans and at only $44, I am able to get several pairs!

Wallflower Jeans have a great fit guide that helps pick out the jeans perfect for your style and body type.  They give detailed information regarding fit as well as picture of the jeans from several angles.  The Legendary Boot Cut Fit, for example, has a mid-rise contoured waist, slim fit through mid-thighs and knees and 19″ classic boot cut fit!  Using the fit guide, you can really get a great idea of what you are buying before you make your purchase!

Wallflower Jeans is also excited to announce that Savannah Outen is the new Wallflower Jeans “It” girl.  Savannah became famous for her amazing YouTube videos showcasing her amazing voice and original videos.  Her fun, approachable personality are part of the characteristics of her that exemplify Wallflower Jeans!

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Jennifer is a mother of three boys who currently resides in Fort Myers, FL. She is married to an over-the-road trucker and has the company of a Boston Terrier, Fenway.