Summer Wearable Blanket The Baby DeeDee Sleep Nest Lite

Summer Wearable Blanket

One product that has been a must have for me over the years was a sleeping sac for babies, these I couldn’t live without. It saved me lots of nights awake worrying about whether they were warm or not. Countless hours of getting up in the middle of the night putting blankets back on babies that kick them off. Those sleepy bags were necessary for me. The one thing that I hated about them was the zipper being at the top. I always felt like it was going to choke baby and I also never liked using them in summer because they were so heavy.

Baby Dee Dee was founded and invented by a mom who had a vision of her baby, baby deedee, being able to create the same plush quilted duvet feeling for her son that her and her husband had. After searching and not being able to find exactly what she was looking for she designed her own.  Leaving her successful career in finance to launch baby deedee in 2008 and hasn’t looked back.

Summer Wearable Blanket

Baby DeeDee recently launched their newest product which is the sleep nest lite and we were sent one to review. The sleep nest lite is made using lightweight jersey cotton and is oh so soft and comfortable. It’s like a very soft t-shirt and it’s amazing. I even want to wear it. We were sent their heather gray and lime in small which is perfect for my best friend who is expecting. She has always asked me why I put my youngest in sleep sac’s and knows my love hate relationship with blanket sleepers or sleeping bags. She was really excited when she opened it up and saw the sleep nest lite but it was up to me to test it so we used my ever so willing niece.

Summer Wearable Blanket

My niece is not a fan of things that do not let her touch her toes. She loves playing with her feet and putting them in her mouth. However at nap time, since it’s been chilly here but not winter cold I would use a lightweight blanket and put her in her baby sleeper for a nap. I decided to put this on over her clothing at nap time instead of using a blanket. She fussed a bit but it was very easy to put on a fussy baby because the zipper actually zips down and not up like normal ones. I love that feature and cannot thank you enough for creating that kind of zipper! I strapped her in her baby sleeper with the baby sleep sac on and she was down for the count. The sleep nest kept her warm while not overheating her which such a common problem. She was comfy and cozy and it helped her fall asleep quicker than normal. When she woke up she was not happy she couldn’t see her feet but she kept playing with her feet through the nest. Which after a while was pretty funny because she would laugh when she found her feet, this went on and on for about an hour until I took her out of it.

Overall this baby sleep sac is on my must have baby list for any mom. It’s amazing quality and super soft, I would call it cuddle worthy. It cleans easy because its machine washable and it zips closed in a downward motion instead of up like traditional sleep sacs. It keeps baby warm without the use of blankets or worrying about blankets in an infant’s crib. This product has everything baby needs to have a peaceful night’s sleep and if your baby is anything like my niece they might just find hours of entertainment in it too. It comes in 3 different sizes all the way up to 36 months no more worrying about blankets at night anymore or SIDS with this wonderful sleep nest.

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  1. Stephanie H says:

    I love the summer weight it can almost be used year round in here in Texas

  2. kathy d says:

    lightweight jersey cotton, soft and comfortable

  3. I learned that aby Dee Dee was founded and invented by a mom

  4. carol roberts says:

    i learned its lightweight cotton

  5. Carla Garcia says:

    invented by a mom1