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Bunny Easter Costume

The kids are all excited this time of the year because of an expected furry visitor, the Easter bunny. The kids love Easter, the egg hunts and I also believe all the candy they get. They also get to see all their cousins, aunts and uncles and various other family members that we normally don’t get to see all that often.

Our traditional Easter is spent at my grandmother’s house complete with egg hunt and baskets. We often wear our Sunday best only because it makes my grandmother happy. If she only knew the moans and groans I get from trying to get them all dressed up the morning of. This year I am going to be trying something a little different with my kids. Instead of wearing their Sunday best they will be wearing Easter costumes.

Before I started shopping around for the perfect costumes for the kids I couldn’t figure out exactly when is Easter. This has each year and the day that it falls on so I knew when I would need all the costumes so I could alter them if need be.

Kids Easter Bunny Costume

I was overjoyed when we got the chance to review the Bunny Newborn Infant Costume for my youngest this year. When it arrived I wasn’t disappointed at all. The bunny suit is a jumpsuit and all one piece which I love, this way I don’t have to fuss getting all the parts on him especially since he doesn’t sit still very well.

I was impressed with the quality of the bunny costume from the start. Its soft plush almost feels like microfiber and a brilliant white just like a real bunny. It’s white with a pink chest on it like most bunny costumes. The jumpsuit has snaps in between the legs as well as up the back of it so you can wear an outfit underneath it. The inside of the jumpsuit is a soft mesh type fabric. The jumpsuit also features an attached hood with ears on the top of it so no messy hats to worry about or chin straps which my children seem to hate.  The rabbit ears are generously sized but not oversized where they don’t stand up and flop over.  It also has the cutest little puffy cheeks on the sides of the hood. The inside of the hood has a waterproof fabric on the inside of it so if it gets dirty you can wipe it clean.

The jumpsuit has attached mitts, which is a large bonus; I cannot tell you how many mitts we lose because they aren’t attached. The feet to the suit are perfect as well, they are not a bootie, they cover your little ones shoes on the top and have elastic on the bottom so you need to have shoes on your little one but you don’t run the risk of the feet getting dirty because the soles of their shoes are at the bottom.

Overall I am very impressed with the quality and functionality of this bunny suit from Wholesale Halloween Costumes. They thought of everything when creating this costume making it easy to put on and take off. The accessories come with so there is no need to spend extra money for them to complete the outfit.

You can purchase the Bunny Newborn Infant Costume for $17.90 through Wholesale Halloween Costumes.

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