Designer Labor and Delivery Gowns The Grace Gown From Push!

Designer Labor and Delivery Gowns

Having a baby is a joyful occasion, the labor and delivery part of the experience can be exhausting and sometimes painful. While hospitals have come a long way since the days of having a baby behind a curtain in an open area room, now we get our own private labor and delivery rooms. Which makes the experience a bit better but wearing those dreaded hospital gowns are anything but comforting. They don’t make you feel anything but yuck!

When I gave birth I knew that I wouldn’t look my best but part of me wanted to. I knew there were going to be hundreds of visitors along with pictures and the last thing I wanted to be wearing was those ugly hospital gowns. My best friend shared those same thoughts; she is expecting her first baby this fall. She is really excited about it but she is a tad superficial sometimes. I love her to death but she is saying that she will have all her make up on before she lets anyone in the room. I don’t really have the heart to tell the poor girl she won’t care about the make-up.  I wanted to get her something special, something that no one else would think of but that she would love. When I ran across Push! Delivery Gowns I knew it would be the perfect thing for her.

Designer Labor and Delivery Gowns

The first thing that caught my eye on these gowns was their introduction. Which reads” There are two most important days in a girl’s life. The day she gets married and the day she delivers the most beautiful baby she has ever laid eyes on. It is very important to purchase the perfect gown for your wedding. Why wouldn’t you treat yourself to look beautiful on your delivery day?” This is so very true. The day they were born is just as special as my soon to be wedding day. (I’m not married yet!) I wanted her day to be just as special because she is really special to me so I knew a gown like this would make her feel her best.

Push! sent me one of their designer delivery gowns named the Grace Delivery Gown which since it arrived I cannot take my eyes off of it. The delivery gown is simply gorgeous! Somehow I can see my best friend roaming the grounds of the center while walking through contractions. The gown is pink with a paisley and flower print that has greens in it as well. It is trimmed in a bright green and the belt ribbon is the same green so everything matches. My best friend will be giving birth at a birthing center instead of a hospital so it’s Bring Your Own Gown.

The gown is very flattering to the pregnant woman figure. The design is very practical and keeps in mind a pregnant woman’s figure as well as what mothers are going to be doing. Whether it’s being checked by the doctor or nurse, breastfeeding or bonding with baby.  The gown is designed with a crossover top which allows for easy breast feeding as well as exams but still keeps the rest of you covered up. Most gowns feature that lovely open back so you can moon everyone if you aren’t careful. The Push delivery gown has snaps that go all the way up the back of the gown so you don’t have to worry about showing off your tushy to everyone. The gown features a flattering empire waist which is perfect for any figure even post baby. The one thing that impressed me the most is the fabric is so soft! Often times hospital gown are itchy, harsh and just yuck! This gown is super soft and just like slipping on your favorite pair of pants and a t-shirt. Best of all post baby I know my best friend won’t have to worry about anything being against her tummy if she needs a C-section.

Overall the Grace Delivery Gown from Push is simply stunning. From the soft fabric to the delicate ribbon around the waste, it screams beauty. Beautiful and practical for any mom whether new or an experienced mom this gown allows for medical personnel to have access to you as quickly as possible without flashing everyone. You can easily nurse and bond with baby using this gown. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this gown. I will be buying one for my next baby birth! These also make an amazing shower gift that’s special and personal. With everyone focused on the bundle of joy your gift will be focused on the mom! The gown is a bit of a splurge but well worth it.

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