Jeans For Curvy Women That Fit By PZI Jeans

jeans for curvy womencurvy jeans for curvy womenI am curvy. I have big Italian baby-birthing hips with a little waist. Not tiny, but way smaller than my big ol’ booty. This means it is so  hard for me to find jeans that will fit without leaving that big gap at my back. You do not know how many pairs I have tried trying to get the perfect fit. I want to look good and be comfortable. I do not want my butt smashed into some straight-waisted jean to make my waist look tiny cause, well it hurts! The best jeans for curvy women that I have found are made by PZI Jeans. I love these jeans. I could sleep in these jeans. They look great on me 🙂 So great my hubby says I am hot! Love it! Love the jeans! Seriously, I wash them three times a week. They have a fit guide on the site to help you get your perfect fit for your waist hips and length.  That is what makes PZI Jeans different! They have a contoured waist to eliminate that gap and an hourglass shape compliment for the hips and rear. You can even get the leg opening in skinny, straight boot, flare cut or wide leg.

Jeans For Curvy Women That Fit

Now that spring is here, curvy girls can show off their curves in great new spring colors! Having mastered the science behind fitting the curvy woman with all of their denim products, PZI Jeans announces the Spring ’12 collection full of spring colors. Pink, purple, blue, red and light washed denim are just a few of the choices you can find with PZI Jeans. Check out all of their new arrivals.

Candy Skinny Purple Jeans

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