Business Comfortable Attire With Tea Collection Womens Clothing

Business comfortable attire

Business Comfortable Attire

Before CES 2012, I was on the search for comfortable business attire. I wanted to look professional, yet be able to be presentable after a long day of walking. This means I needed business comfortable attire. What is business comfortable attire? This is clothing that will let you breathe, be loose fitting, and still portray you in a qualified manner. Tea Collection has just the look I was reaching for. You can discover modern chic with Plaza pleated pants (pictured left). These washed down Bedford cord weave pants can don a rolled cuff or unrolled as worn above. They pair easily with solids are prints and are as easy to wear and maintain as a traveler would hope. The pleated front is slimming as well as the Tea Collection signature geometric cut back yoke. These pants retail for $98.

It was cold in Las Vegas at night, but warm in the days, so I wanted to have a selection of light-weight tops that would cover my arms against the winter breeze, yet allow for the rays of the sunshine. I was cool and warm at the same time, which served me well in many tense business situations. I don’t know about you, but trying to sell your brand over and over to hundreds of brands you are dying to work with can be nerve-wracking. The Valas V-Neck Tee in Stem (pictured right) was the perfect length for me. I like a longer length of tee to help mask the middle-age muffin top! The Valas retails for $45. The Dona Colman cowl neck in Oasis (pictured left) was a great choice for the late-night happy hour parties. I felt it was the perfect solution for an easy transfer from work to relaxation while still portraying “business”. This top retails for $58.

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