Best Fitting Skinny Jeans For Curvy Women Hello Skinny Jeans

Best Fitting Skinny Jeans for Curvy Women

I recently attended CES and was sent a pair of Hello Skinny Green Jeans to wear as part of my conference attire. Green Jeans are Ultra-slimming blue jeans which are washed with air instead of water. This process saves hundreds of gallons of water and the use of caustic chemicals. GreenJeans™ are made from the same denim and construction as the rest of the SkinnyJeans line, but has the radical wash that literally photoshops the body. You can purchase a pair online for $188.

Best Fitting Skinny Jeans For Curvy Women

Why would someone want to spend $188 on a pair of jeans? Let me tell you.  Hello Skinny Jeans are not only high-quality jeans, but they are the best fitting skinny jeans for curvy women. I am a curvy woman, my hips normally do not fit quite right with the waist band and my butt either looks flattened and spread out, or like I was poured in. Hello Skinny Jeans are actually made to make you look thinner and super-slim. My friends, who never comment on my clothes, have on more than one occasion stopped to asked me the brand. They have all purchased their own pair or added them to their must-have list. Look at how much though Hello Skinny Jeans has put into the design of their jeans:

SkinnyJeans are made from classic denim with a high nylon-elastane content made exclusively for SkinnyJeans. It creates ‘Memory’ and  performs by sucking everything in without sagging. The thighs are scooped out which drastically separates and slims the thighs and pushes the butt out creating a shapely silhouette. This is my all time favorite feature, and the first time you put them on, you can actually feel this working, but not in an uncomfortable way. The inseams are drawn forward on the leg which make the front of the leg look slimmer. The inside cotton pocketing which lines the front pockets is sewn into the front seam. This is where the jeans are zipped up and creates a restraining panel which pushes the entire stomach area in. The pattern on the jeans creates an optical illusion tricking the eye into seeing longer legs. The cut is a ‘barely bootcut’ balancing out the shape of the thigh creating long legs and slim thighs.The size, shape and placement of the pockets are solely to make the butt appear smaller and shapelier. Hello Skinny Jeans have a medium rise with contoured stretch waistband. I can attest that there is no muffin-top and the waist line fits me perfect. You can get your own size tailored to your waist and length in sizes 24-32 and 34, 36, and 38.

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