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I think since I became a mom there are many things that have changed. I now wear comfortable clothing 99% of the time, I wear gym shoes way too much, and I like to cuddle up at night in warm comfortable pajamas. The satin and the lace are unheard of things to my closet and dresser drawers. Sometimes I forget that I am a woman and I throw aside the sexy part of myself. I cannot tell you the last time I wore lingerie or anything lace. Maybe 10 years ago? Perhaps 7 years?  I, honestly, have no clue when the last time was.

Affordable Intimate Apparel

I was on a mission to get the sexy part of myself back by renewing my love of all things satin and lace. I renewed my love at Smart & Sexy and I have never been happier.  Smart & Sexy is an affordable lingerie, sleepwear and intimates store. Whether you are looking for a new great fitting bra or something for that special night they have a variety of items to choose from that are not only great looking but affordable as well.

Smart & Sexy asked me for my sizes and sent me a package catered around my sizes. I was secretly excited about the package arriving and I couldn’t wait to rip it open and see what was inside. When I opened it up I was surprised in there was a variety of their products that were just absolutely gorgeous.

Now I am normally the biggest critique when it comes to bras. My expectations are very high, it needs to be great fitting, not cut into my skin, straps that don’t fall down, doesn’t itch and my list does go on but those are the really important things to me. I do not care much about the look because through the years the only comfortable bras I have found are a bit, well, not sexy at all but they are comfortable so it works.

When I received the Balconette Bra to try out I was a bit skeptical but kept an open mind about it. Now I am not a huge woman but I am bigger than most women. Not in cup size but around so I was worried about the fit of the bra. The bra was actually comfortable. It has cute little black bows at the top of cups near where the straps connect, and one right in the center of the bra as well. It has a little lace scallop that runs along the whole outside of the bra which is flirty and sexy at the same time. The back strap is not solid like most bras but has two straps with the center cut out to further add to the sexiness of the bra. The cups are padded and there is an underwire inside the bra as well. The overall fit and feel of the bra is wonderful. I was sent a size down from my normal size that I asked for. This shocked me because the fit was perfect. There was no tightness in any area, the bra didn’t itch, and it wasn’t digging into my skin anywhere even the under wire. This bra is great fitting, comfortable, cute and sexy.

I also received their Lace Overlay Flirty Boy Short in Black & Sexy Pink. This was a bit daring for me to try but I loved it from the minute I took it out. The panty is all lace and has a pink panel underneath the front of it. This boy short is sexy to the 9’s. The rich black color and pink are the perfect combination. The Boy short itself is comfortable and can be worn every day which I love. I am normally not a boy short girl but these have changed my mind completely. The look and feel of them screams woman and is perfect for everyday as well as a special night out.

I fell in love with the Chemise that I received this by far is my favorite. It is simply stunning and has a waterfall type of print with hues of blue, green, pink and black that cascade down it. It’s gorgeous! Lace adorns the straps as well as trims the piece. The cleavage area is a keyhole with a tie and lace type and delicate black ribbon. The chemise comes to my mid-thigh so it provides the right amount of coverage for a good night’s sleep as well as a night with the fiancée. I am tall at 6’ so if you are shorter it might be a bit longer on you but will still be just as stunning!

Overall this surprise from Smart & Sexy has changed my look and makes me feel like a woman, and not just a mom. It brought back my sexiness that I somehow lost over the years. Everything makes me feel gorgeous and stunning. What I love most is everything is functional. I can wear it out and about but also for a special night. Everything washes really well and I haven’t had problems with fading or bleeding. I have washed all of them a number of occasions and they still look as good as new. I know these will hold up to the use. There sizing is appealing as well with sizes all the way up to XXL. There affordable pricing, quality, and selection have made me a customer for life.

You can purchase the Lace Overlay Flirty Boy Short for $12.

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Jennifer is a mother of three boys who currently resides in Fort Myers, FL. She is married to an over-the-road trucker and has the company of a Boston Terrier, Fenway.


  1. We love that your got your sexy back with our lingerie! Enjoy! xxoo