Bumper Free Crib Bedding Set Friendly Caterpillar by Halo SleepSack

Bumper Free Crib Bedding

Having a child is very expensive and baby safety is very important. One of the main places all of my babies have slept from the very beginning was their crib. We wanted them to get used to it and not have any problems with them adjusting to sleeping in there. Keeping baby safe at night while you cannot have your eyes on them is especially hard. Choosing the perfect bedding can help ease your mind though. I will admit that I am drawn to the cute bedding with the adorable bumpers however most bumpers aren’t safe for baby. Experts say that bumpers can lead to suffocation, strangulation to name a few.  Especially since the more modern cribs don’t fit the traditional crib bumpers. The bumper is bulky, bulges and leans forward and I wouldn’t want that hazard in the crib with my baby.

Halo is a wonderful company that has been helping babies get to sleep safely for over 15 years. They have been educating parents about safe sleep practices since losing their first born to SIDS. A portion of every sale goes to First Candle/SIDS Alliance and The Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths.  Searching high and low for a bumper free crib set can be a struggle.

Bumper Free Crib Bedding

Bumper Free Crib Bedding

Halo sleep sack has invented the perfect nursery set for baby with the Halo SleepSack Crib Set. This crib set contains 5 pieces here is a list of the products included.

1 Halo SleepSack Swaddle (newborn)

1 Halo Sleepsack Wearable Blanket (small)

2 100% cotton jersey fitted sheets

1 Decorative skirt.

Notice the missing bumpers and the quilt? Parents put a lot of emphasis on the whole crib set including the bumper and the quilt but both aren’t safe for babies which is why Halo created this amazing set.

wearable blanket

We were set the gender neutral Friendly Caterpillar set, and this set is just too adorable! I love that it includes a swaddle and a wearable blanket. If you have been reading you know how much I love wearable blankets and use them. The designs on the swaddle and blanket are adorable with a little caterpillar on the swaddle and a dragonfly on the wearable blanket. I love that the set is gender neutral. The green is a bit darker and more of a light sage green than a mint green which is perfect because I am not fond of the mint color for babies. They are baby soft and the same quality that their sleepsacks and swaddles are.

cotton jersey sheets

The 2 cotton jersey sheets are perfect for our crib. I love that they are lightweight and soft just like your favorite t-shirt. It makes sleeping much easier for baby because who doesn’t love to sleep on soft sheets? One of the sheets is a solid color and the other is striped. They are very versatile so if you do have a jungle theme, like we do, these sheets go perfectly with the crib set.

baby shower gifts

There is also a crib skirt included in the set, which I have mixed feelings about. I love that it is included, it feels soft and nice. It also features stripes which gives this set a little bit of color and style. I feel that the skirt is too plain though. Since crib sets are normally baby shower gifts I feel that the skirt should feature some type of cute factor, something to jazz up the room a bit and some color or theme to it. I think this would be so much better if it was in a print of bugs or something to coordinate with the sleepers. This would give it that extra cute factor and dress up the nursery as well. That is the only thing I would change about this set.

Overall I love the whole set and like that it make sleeping babies much safer at night when our eyes cannot be on them. The quality of everything is outstanding like I have come to expect from Halo. The only thing I would change is the skirt and designs the skirt with a themed print that would eliminate the need for the cute quilts and bumpers. The printed skirt wasn’t in this set but is on some of their others as well. I wish they had it on all of them though. This is a baby must have for myself and hopefully will make parents rest a little easier at night knowing Halo is looking out for their children. The set pricing is $109 which is a wonderful price because you do get everything baby needs for safe sleeping at night.

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