Bras For Curvy Women The Lottie by Curvy Kate

Bras For Curvy Women

Sometimes being a larger size is a bit difficult there isn’t as many cute clothes or bra’s for that matter. Now I am not a large size because of my height but I am not small either but I still like the girly looking things and not what is more commonly referred to as “granny” bras. I am still a woman so I like bows, lace and all things cute but finding that in a bigger size is very difficult.

I would like to introduce you guys to my new one stop bra shop and that is Curvy Kate. Curvy Kate is a shop for larger cup sized women whether its bra’s, panties, lingerie or swim wear they have a huge selection of cute, modern and girly designs to suit every curve.

Bras For Curvy Women

Curvy Kate makes us curvy girls feel fabulous out our figures with their gorgeous collections. They have only the best fitting designs and do not launch a product until their wide range of fitting models is happy. Their bra’s not only support a fuller bust but lift it while complementing the beautiful curves or our figure. They bring new and original designs and target the young fashion conscious customer, even if you are 50 but 17 at heart. They are committed to giving curvy women a huge range of lingerie that fits while flattering every single curve.

I was immediately drawn to their Lottie bra in black and pink there was just something about it that I loved. I think it was the model that was modeling larger cup sized bra has the same body bust as me so I could picture it on myself. I am the first to admit that I sometimes cannot picture myself in the typical models intimates. I just cannot because I am not built like them but this was very different, I could see myself in it so I was excited when I got the chance to review it.

Once it came I was pleasantly surprised because it looked exactly like the picture. Little pink bows that complement the black sheer bra, it was fun, flirty and cute! The real test was how was it going to fit? I looked at it and it looked to be smaller so I wasn’t sure although I had ordered my size so when it fit perfect I was very happy. It’s a gorgeous design of a lower satin cup that shapes and lifts but it’s a push up. The problem with me and push-ups is they push up but out too which is why I was stuck with “granny” type bras over the years but not after trying this out. This bra is amazing; it’s comfortable and fits me perfectly. Its gives shape and lift just like it said without pushing them up and out. It isn’t tight and doesn’t cute in anywhere. It really is the perfect bra for me and my shape.

Overall I love Curvy Kate and do my entire bra shopping there right now. Their bras are wonderful, girly but comfortable. They let me feel like a woman with their cute designs and their pricing is affordable as well. I love that they accentuate my natural figure without deforming my bust.

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