All Natural Soap Bars at Sun Turtle Naturals

All Natural Soap Bars

I love handmade soaps; there is just something about the smell and the look of them. I was introduced to them a while ago from my best friend who gave them to me in an amazing gift basket and I have been hooked ever since. I love having them on hand and pampering myself. I don’t get a break all that often so it’s the little things and bathing with lavender scented bath soap or cucumber or even tangerine is a real treat, even if I am just washing my hands after changing a diaper.

I was very excited when I was contacted to do a review for a company called Sun Turtle Naturals. Sun Turtle Naturals is a company that as founded by a husband and wife team. The inspiration came from Julio, when he purchased some handmade soap for Debbie, his wife. Debbie was immediately hooked on the gentle touch care and creativity that went into making these soaps. With green values and an entrepreneurial spirit they began creating their own natural body care line. They have a mission of not only pampering people but the planet as well.

All Natural Soap Bars

Handmade products always hold a special place in my heart being from a crafty family and being green, those are the two things that are admirable especially in a company. I cannot tell you how much I love All Natural Bath & Body soaps. I was given the opportunity to try some of their natural soaps and I must say I LOVE them. I chose the Cinnamon Tangerine, Lavender, and Grapefruit. My favorite by far is actually a bit of a surprise but it’s the Cinnamon Tangerine. That soap is to die for. The smell is subtle but I love the way it meshes together. I would have never thought to put the two together. I guess that’s why they are the professionals. The scents are both very subtle but luxurious. It lathers very nicely as well and the scent is very subtle on your hands after which I love.

The Lavender is very scented but I love taking a bath with lavender soap. It’s very relaxing so I use this one as my “me” time soap when the kids are stressing me out and I just need to go in the bathroom and wash my hands. It’s a minimal escape but the smell is calming and allows me two minutes to clean my hands and take a deep breath and return to the chaos.

The grapefruit is also very fragrant as well. It has a citrus twinge to it so if you aren’t a fan of that type of smell this won’t be for you. The scent is subtle but refreshing. This is my fiancée’s favorite one out of the three. He says it’s a more manly scent then the cinnamon tangerine but I think he is just nuts! I don’t think this soap really has a gender specific nature but that’s an amazing thing.

Overall I love all of the soaps while I favor some at certain times that in no way reflects that I don’t like any or prefer one over the other. Each scent evokes a different emotion and I love associating my soaps with moods for some reason. They are priced affordable at less than $6 a bar and they come wrapped in recycled paper. They carry many different scents and have a great variety from the more relaxing to the unique. They come all wrapped up in tissue paper which I especially loved it. It’s the small touches that have the largest impact and this company is my new gem!

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