Natural Heating Pad and Cooling Pad from Thermal Aid

Natural Heating Pad

We are a very active family. On the weekends we are always going places or doing family outings and the weekdays are normally filled with classes. The kids are in Karate, ballet, swim lesson and even t-ball to name a few so we are constantly heading to games or practices.

With all the sports activities the kids are in as well as my fiancée, who plays softball, and I, we see a lot of injuries. The injuries can be small like muscle aches or major like sprains or broken bones. Often times it’s hard to put direct ice on something because I cannot bend the ice pack. We have tried patches for the adults but those don’t always work. The kids cannot wear patches like those so we use their kids heating pad but that doesn’t even work.

Natural Heating Pad

I was very happy when I was approached to do a review for a company called Thermal Aid. Thermal-Aid makes 100% natural Heating and cooling packs made from corn. The corn goes through a revolutionary process that allows the corn kernels to hold the temperature for long amounts of time.

I will admit I have fallen prey to those rice bags in the cute prints before. The only problem with them is that after a minute or two the heat or cold has gone out of the bag. Which renders them completely useless and money gone down the toilet, I love cute prints just as much as the next mom but I don’t want to waste money either. I was a little skeptical but figured I might as well give it a try.

We were sent the Medium Sectional Thermal Aid and I admit it was a bit heavy when I went to open the package but that didn’t deter me from being intrigued by it. The pack is divided into 3 sections and measure 13”x14.5” so it is rather large but good sized. It couldn’t have come at a better time; I hurt my back recently so it was a relief.

The instructions were clear and easy to read. It tells you when to use hot and when to use cold and gives you a variety of example ailments like but not limited to fevers, arthritis, back pain, muscle soreness, menstrual cramps, carpal tunnel, migraines, sprains, sunburn, bug bites, and lactation. I need to pop mine in the freezer for about 6 hours. Once the time had passed I took it out and it was cold, ice pack cold which was a relief. It has its own cotton pillow that it comes in so I didn’t need to wrap a towel around it. I just needed to put it on my back. It wasn’t lumpy or hard but the corn felt perfect against my back. It made it easy for me to actually apply it directly on my spine. After about a half an hour of it being on my back it was still cold which was a shock to me. It was wonderful and provided the needed relief I was dying for.

Overall I love the Thermal-Aid Pack, it can be used as a cold pack by just sticking it in the freezer like I did, or you can heat it in the microwave for a couple of minutes for a heat pack. The cover is removable; you just pop it into the wash machine and no need to worry about the corn getting all over anything because it’s contained in another cover. I don’t need to worry about leaking either. It comes in a variety of sizes from a small sectional or tube, to the large sectional. They also stock kids bears that help reduce fever and relieve pain. Or if your pet is having problems they have a pack for them as well from small animals to large animals that won’t harm your pet if they accidently chew the pack and ingest it. Every pack is affordably priced compared to a heating pad but it does double duty.

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