Touch Screen Gloves Where Fashion Meets Technology

I was looking for a pair of stylish winter gloves to match my new coat and was very curious when Grandoe approached me review their Sensor Touch, touch screen gloves. I was thinking, “Now how does that work?” I have always had to remove my gloves when using my Smart phone, getting cash from the ATM and pumping gas in the winter time. Removing my gloves on a cold, windy day was not only very inconvenient, but down right freezing! I was really looking forward to seeing what this technology was all about.

Touch Screen Gloves

When I received the touch screen gloves they were lovely! They are a beautiful woven knit of red with grey flecks, but come in many other colors. The palm of my gloves have a red leather patch for extra grip (very classy!!) and the fit and weight are just right. I tried to feel around for the “sensors” thinking i could feel them, I had been told both the index and thumb were reinforced with this new technology. No matter how hard I tried I could feel nothing but soft knit. That’s when I decided to take my first test drive by texting my best friend. I was amazed! The touch screen of my old smart phone responded better than when I used my bare hands! A few days later the temperature dropped below freezing and I had to stop and fill up on gas. I normally dreaded this in winter, but this was a breeze!  I swiped my credit card and the screen prompted me for my PIN, magic! The screen responded perfectly and got to leave my gloves on while I pumped my gas! This fabulous technology works with Smart Phones, E-Readers, Tablets, ATM’s, GPS devices and so much more. I know I will be filling my family’s stockings with these great winter gloves this Christmas, at 35-40.00 these beautiful and nifty gloves are worth every cent!

About Jennifer

Jennifer is a mother of three boys who currently resides in Fort Myers, FL. She is married to an over-the-road trucker and has the company of a Boston Terrier, Fenway.