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Nursing Pillow

I have spoken before about my best friend who is expecting her first baby in the fall. She is a glow but very lost and confused as well. She gets overwhelmed with all of the products for baby on the market today. There are so many choices and so many options that it’s hard to choose the right one. She often asks me for advice on my baby must haves and one thing I always recommend is a nursing pillow.

Nursing pillows are great even if you don’t breastfeed; these pillows give you a bunch of options to use them as aside from nursing as well an Infant support pillow or feeding pillow so you don’t need to shove a pillow underneath your arm every time you feed baby. The options are endless with this type of pillow.

Mombo Nursing Pillow

Mombo Nursing Pillow

Comfort & Harmony has created the ultimate nursing pillow that is both comfortable and supportive for moms as well as babies. If you are not familiar with the Comfort and Harmony collection it is one of my baby must haves. From rockers to bouncers and swings they have a very selective collection which is not only adorable but wonderful.  Their newest addition to the collection is their Mombo nursing pillow which we were sent to review.

positioning for optimal nursing

This pillow has some amazing features which is why it is a must have for baby, first is the pillow is two sided, each side has a different comfort level. One side is firm which helps support mom’s arm while holding baby during feeding. The other side is soft and perfect for tummy time as well as baby lounging. This pillow is specifically designed for better support and positioning for optimal nursing. I cannot tell you how many times I have had my arm go numb while holding baby during feedings. My arm constantly falls asleep and as baby grows the weight is increased and the baby becomes harder to hold up for long amounts of time. We have had to push pillows under our arms, about 3 or 4, in order to get the support that we need during feedings. With this pillow we no longer need to use pillows. The pillow is very comfortable but firm so it not only supports but feels natural as well. No sinking into the pillow because of the weight either which makes me very happy.

soothe baby

The other unique thing about this pillow is it comes with a vibration feature. This is amazing especially for fussy babies. The nursing pillow has a slipcover that unzips and you can insert the vibration unit into the pillow. It’s super easy to do and if your baby is anything like mine they love the slight vibration level. It helps soothe baby and calm them down and provide a bit of comfort.

The Mombo also has slip covers in a variety of prints as well as with taggies so you can pick up slip covers that are extra cute in case one is in the wash.

Overall I love the Mombo, it is firm and will help you position baby during feedings and help support your arm. It’s comfortable so you don’t sink into it. The other side is soft enough for baby to lounge while being supported to help babies sit up or even have tummy time. The added bonus of the vibrating unit is a major plus to help calm colicky infants. It’s an amazing nursing pillow as well as bottle-feeding pillow. This is a must have for any new mom. It is only available at Babies R’ us locations nationwide. This is one nursing pillow that I hated to part with but I know my best friend will thoroughly enjoy. I will be picking one up as soon as we have a baby on the way.

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