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The awards season is in full swing, with the Golden Globes and SAG awards ending and the ever popular Grammy and Academy awards coming up high fashion is everywhere. All the glitz and the glamour I sit from afar eyeing the designs of the dresses, the sparkling eye candy that dangles from ears or off of necks. Never in my wildest dreams would I be able to afford any of it but a girl can dream.

High fashion is everywhere and I saw this cute little item on Carrie Underwoods wrist when I watched the Country Music Awards. It was a white cuff with what looked like a black bow so when I was asked to do a review for Cuffs Couture I jumped at the chance.

High Fashion Accessories

Cuffs Couture is the fashion accessory with amazing and ingenious functionality. Cuffs Couture is the perfect accessory to every outfit whether you are a nightlife aficionado or a fashionista that stays on top with the latest trends.

The concept behind Cuffs Couture came from a girl’s night out in Hollywood being forced to carry lip gloss, credit card, ID and house key in a bulky clutch that was neither compact nor convenient. Cuffs Couture is the solution for those that seek a fashionable alternative to those bulky clutches. Inspired by the hottest fashion trends from runways around the globe, these products double as a functional accessory as well as a stylish embellishment to every outfit. Whether you are going out during the day or a night out on the town Cuffs Couture gives anyone the ability to store their essentials in the most convenient and fashionable way.

I was sent a great little package that contained their Tatiana Cuff, Jourdan Cuff and a Mia Feather Hair Clip for review. I opened the package and fell in love with everything.

The Tatiana Cuff is by far my favorite. This is the one that is featured on Carrie Underwood but I do not love it for that reason. The style is timeless and classic. The cuff itself is ivory and made from a gorgeous very soft and silky fabric. The magic of Cuffs Couture is inside this ivory little cuff. The magic of the cuff is this. There is a pocket inside the cuff. This pocket fits my credit cards, IDs and even lip gloss which are all the little things I normally take out with me when I am heading to the store or having a night out with my fiancée. This little pocket also has a little key ring. The key ring is attached to the inside of the cuff so you can attach your keys. Once you place all the necessities inside you flip it back over and slip it on. You are set to leave with all the things you need without carrying a bulky clutch or purse around. That isn’t all this cuff has though. To add to the fashion and glamour of this cuff there is a gorgeous black bow attached to the top of the cuff. The bow is simply gorgeous, it’s not too big so it overpowers the cuff and it isn’t too small. The bow adds the right amount of style and femininity to this piece. Once I had everything inside the cuff that I needed I slipped it on which wasn’t difficult and off I went. I was surprised at a couple of things; it wasn’t as bulky as I thought it would be with my keys on the inside. Now I just had my car keys and house key on the chain which includes the car controller for the alarm and doors. The cuff fit like a glove, it wasn’t loose or tight at all it’s like this cuff was made exactly for me. The cuff was comfortable on my wrist; I didn’t even know it was on after a couple of minutes. The fabric wasn’t itchy, and it didn’t hinder my movement at all. It was perfect! The first time that I wore this out was to the store and I cannot even tell you how many times I was stopped asking where I got it from, it was really hard to shop because of all the people that came up to me asking me. Even the checkout girl who had prom coming up wanted to wear one for it instead of buying a bulky purse and possibly losing it.

The Jourdan Cuff has the same ingenious design that the Tatiana cuff has; the different between the two is the color and embellishment. The Jordan Cuff is Aqua/Sapphire colored, which by far is my favorite color, and includes a stunning vintage looking bow pin. This pin is stunning and looks like a bow with sparkling crystals. I cannot express just how gorgeous this cuff is. The pin is removable so if you want to change out the pin or wear just pin you have so many options with this cuff. It’s perfect for a night out or even just grocery shopping. It adds a glamour effect to any outfit.

The Mia Feather Hair Clip in Aqua is unique, I have never seen anything like this before so I was really excited to put it on and see how it looked. The Mia is stunning and features two separate chains; one chain has four large sized feathers in colors of blue, aqua and teal. The feathers cascade down the chain and have small straight feathers in between. The second chain has two smaller feathers on it in the same cascading theme as the other chain. At the top of the hair clip is just that, a hair clip. The clips are small in size so it’s not noticeable and is very subtle. I just attached it on a little piece of my hair and Walla an all new look. In the beginning I wasn’t sure exactly how I felt about them. I am not use to wearing them so it did take some getting use too. I wore them out to dinner and I got so many compliments on it, it was amazing. I had a couple of people ask me where I got it from as well. I, of course, told them Cuffs Couture. I don’t use this everyday but when I go out for a night on the town with the girls or with my fiancée I have it on as well as my cuff!

Overall I am overjoyed with everything I received from Cuffs Couture. I love the versatility of everything and how it can dress up even the plainest outfit. Everything is fashionable and functional. Brides will love these as well because they are compact and small which means they don’t need to wear a purse of have a handbag somewhere. They can just use one of these amazing cuffs. I cannot say enough great things about Cuffs Couture. The greatest part about these is that they are high quality and will last for the years to come! The cuffs that I received remind me of timeless heirlooms that can be passed down from generation to generation, classic style with high end fashion that never goes out of style.

You can purchase the Tatiana Cuff for $40 and it’s available in variety of colors. The Jourdan Cuff is available for $50 and the Mia Feather Hair Clip for $28.

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