Bottles For Breastfed Babies Evenflo Bebek Line

Bottles For Breastfed Babies

Finding the right bottle is very important especially if you are a working mother and don’t have the ability to feed on demand. Bottles are a wonderful solution but can sometimes pose problems for mothers who are nursing. One of them is the baby gets use to the bottle and refuses to feed from your breast. It’s a common problem but there is now a wonderful baby bottle that is designed just like mom.

Evenflo has helped nurture babies growth and development for over 90 years. They understand the importance of the connections developed between parent and baby during feeding. The new Evenflo Bebek is designed with mom in mind and is a natural extension of the mother’s breast reducing the stress on you so you can relax and bond with baby. These bottles are the perfect breastfeeding bottle for babies who are breastfed.

The Bebek bottle has a wide nipple base which is designed for easier latching and transition feeling more like mom. Designed with rapid venting which releases air bubbles into the bottle and not into your baby’s tummy. Made without BPA and comfortable to hold for both mom and baby this baby bottle is a perfect choice for moms.

Bottles For Breastfed babies

We were given the opportunity to review the new Bebek baby bottle from Evenflo with an extra set of nipples as well as their brand new line of pacifiers in this collection.

Bottles For Breastfed Babies

Upon first glance the bottle design is amazing being comfortable for me to hold as well as baby. The orange grips on it are easy to grab so the bottle doesn’t slip during feeding. It’s also comfortable on the hand and wrist which many bottles aren’t and I can’t wait to put it down.  The bottle assembly is very easy with no little parts. It comes apart very well and is easy to attach together. I didn’t have any fussing from baby while feeding either so I am sure that is due to the rapid air venting that doesn’t end up in baby’s tummy.

The bottle is expertly designed for easy assembly which is very true but also has leak free feeding. The first time we tried it, we had a little leaking but nothing major but it turns out it was my error and not the bottle. Mommy’s mistake not Evenflo’s so be sure to assemble the bottle tightly otherwise you might get leaking. Once I re-assembled it and kicked myself in the butt it was indeed leak free.

Cleaning is super easy as well especially since the bottles are top rack safe for the dishwasher. I hate hand washing bottles because there are so many of them that I will not purchase bottles that aren’t dishwasher safe.

healthy oral development

We were also sent the Bebek Silicone Pacifiers for review. The pacifiers feature soft edges and airflow holes for baby’s comfort and they are orthodontic designed and promote healthy oral development. BPA free which is a must have for any baby product! They also come in 3 sizes small, medium and large. Now the pacifiers that we were sent were used by niece because they weren’t sized for my son however my son barely uses them. My niece is super picky about her pacifiers, most of them she will not take at all and screams her little head off until she gets the right one. These weren’t a problem, like I thought they might be. She took it right away and fell fast asleep within minutes. They come two to a package which is a must have because I cannot tell you how many pacifiers we have lost so a backup one is always needed for our family. We store them in the case they came in which I love that case! It snaps together and is super easy to toss in my diaper bag and carry two around with me no matter what. I am not sure if that’s why they put them in their or not but it’s useful and I love it! To clean them just pop them in the top rack of the dishwasher to clean.

Overall I love the new Bebek collection from Eveflo, the bottles are amazing for both mom and baby. I love that they help with the problem of babies getting use to bottles for breastfeeding moms that pump. The design of the bottle is wonderful and holding it is a breeze which is essential when you have baby. The pacifiers are great and are my niece’s new brand now. She will not use anything but these.

You can check out the Bebek line from Eveflo at Bed, Bath and Beyond as well as Buy Buy baby.

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