Best Preschool DVD The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Friends to the Finish

  My oldest son loves cars and trucks, anything that has to do with them he loves. He loves the noises that they make, the rumbling and roaring of the engines, the styles of the different cars and trucks and most of all the speeds at which they go. The faster they go or the more equipment … [Read more...]

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD I Heart Minnie

I am crazy about Disney and so are my kids. One of my favorite Disney characters growing up was Minnie. I loved her and use to carry her everywhere with me. Now that I have kids they are nuts about the same Disney characters I loved as a child. My girls (7 and 2) are crazy for Minnie as well … [Read more...]

Soft Pretzel Maker Review Nostalgia Electric Soft Pretzel Factory

My family loves going to the zoo as well as the movies. They love seeing the animals at the zoo and the newest kid’s movies as well, but these aren’t always the main reason they want to go to these places. It’s for the soft pretzels we get at the zoo and movies. It’s always a treat for them and they … [Read more...]

Animated Disney Dog Movie Lady and the Tramp Diamond Edition 2 Disc Blu-Ray

I love Disney movies, well I love everything Disney but over the years I have come to treasure their movies. I was introduced to Disney when I was about 2 years old and I have loved it ever since but over the years my love turned into something more. I started to actually treasure the classic tales. … [Read more...]

Best Kids Live Action Movie DreamWorks Real Steel Movie

I have an addiction to movies, my family loves watching them and we even have a family movie night. The problem is as much as we love animation movies you can only watch so many of them before you are wanting to watch something else. That's why I am always on the hunt for a live-action family film … [Read more...]

Designer Camera Straps Mod Straps Premium Camera Strap

I love taking pictures. I often borrow my mom's new DSLR camera when we go on little trips to the zoo, or aquarium just so I can take pictures. Since she doesn't have a camera bag or anything I have to shove the camera in my purse and sometimes I forget that it's in there. Which means no pictures. … [Read more...]