T3 Pro Blow Dryer and Flat Iron

  T3 Micro has some top of the line, amazing hair styling tools. Flat irons, blow dryers, styling brushes and rollers.  I was so lucky to be able to try two of their phenomenal products. The first item I tested was the T3 Pro Blow Dryer. Besides loving the pink color, I was thoroughly … [Read more...]

Best Hair Dryer for Thick Hair Velecta Paramount Professional Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer

I have been blessed, wait, let’s say cursed with thick hair. I really hate it sometimes. While I don’t have to worry about things like thinning hair or balding I have to worry about frizz, tangles and super long drying times. I have owned numerous hair dryers over the years, most of them tend to … [Read more...]

Best Hair Products For Thick Hair Amika Balancing Shampoo & Hydrating Conditioner

Having thick hair is really difficult at times especially when the weather is dry. Dry weather means that the normal frizz and static I get is doubled because of the winter months.  Needless to say most of the shampoos that I have used get my hair clean but don’t really leave it with any shine.  You … [Read more...]

NuMe Fashionista Flat Iron Review

When it comes to hair, as a woman, a new hair style can make you feel like a million bucks. Whether it’s a trip to the salon or a new hair or even a new style it transforms us. I always feel much better about myself after a trip to the salon for a new style. It’s no wonder when I have a bad hair day … [Read more...]

How To Fix Damaged Hair From Straightening With Surface Hair Care Products

More Beauty Tips Alleviate dark circles under your eyes How to keep and maintain healthy skin Oxygentix Oxygenating Foundation How To Shape Your Eyebrows For Your Face With The Perfect Arch I was approached by a hair care company to do a review on a straightening product. … [Read more...]