Design It Yourself Handbags at EThreads

Have you ever walked into the store and saw the perfect handbag? Only to discover that they didn’t have the color you would have wanted or the print you like? That has happened to me on more than one occasion. I love the designs of bags but sometimes I want it in a different print or color and I … [Read more...]

Diaper Bag Review The Magnolia Bag from Amy Michelle

Do you love your diaper bag? I know I need my diaper bag but I really am not all that fond of it. It looks like a diaper bag but there is no style to it. It’s bland and that is far from what I want in a diaper bag. I want something that is stylish, plenty of space, and it’s easy to hook on the … [Read more...]

Stylish Handbags Shop Midnight Velvet

Handbags or purses are my thing; I love them and have so many of them but do you know how much junk I have in my handbag?  If you are anything like me you have the essentials. My wallet, various calendars (one for the kids, one for blogging and a combined one for the whole family), then I have my … [Read more...]

Thermal Tote Bags from Thirty One in Awesome Blossom

I love handbags; I have a shopping addiction with them. I love to get one to match just about every outfit that I own. Since I am on a limited budget currently I cannot afford to match them to every outfit and have a different purse for every outfit either. I like to focus on pattern and … [Read more...]

All In One Purse Needs? Try The Devyn Bag

All in one purse I have been looking for an all in one purse. Have you heard of the Devyn Bag? I had not heard of it until this review.  The Devyn Bag is the perfect 3 in 1 bag for new mom’s, mom's on the go, or even for those mama's that don’t need all the extra kid stuff anymore. It is fashionable … [Read more...]