Meaningful Jewelry Bracelets By Mary Margrill

Meaningful Jewelry I adore jewelry and when I heard about Mary Margrill's "Connect" I was excited to find out about these Meaningful Jewelry bracelets. The "Connect" collection of bracelets is designed by both Mary Margrill and Elena Brower to benefit women who have survived war throughout the … [Read more...]

Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Stretch Anklet from Good To Be You

Ever since I can remember I have always loved wearing something around my ankle. I have no idea why, my mom tells me that she never put ankle bracelets on me when I was little but I love them. Most women that like jewelry normally wear a necklace or rings, besides wedding rings, or even a bracelet … [Read more...]

Jewelry with Meaning I Heart You Necklace and Bracelet from CTR Couture

Back when I use to work outside the home which seems like forever ago, I had a more hands on job where I worked with animals and I couldn’t wear jewelry. The last thing I needed was some animal tugging, breaking or swallowing a necklace. Since I left the job to stay at home I barely wear jewelry … [Read more...]

My Mela Jewelry

My Mela Jewelry I was lucky enough to receive a set of My Mela Jewelry for review.  My Mela is an online store that features different home decor, home furnishings, jewelry and accessories made by Indian Artisans.  "Mela" is a Hindu work meaning country fair or festival.  My Mela is a shopping … [Read more...]

Jewelry for Women LanoOCrystal

I love jewelry for women! I think it adds so much character to any outfit. On a typical day, I have a pair of shorts and a nice fitted plain t-shirt, I like to call it my mom uniform. Having the right piece of jewelry always makes me feel "less boring". I was excited when LanaOCrystal agreed to do a … [Read more...]

Necklace For Everyday Wear Phat Cat Phinery

Necklace For Everyday Wear Phat Cat Phinery sent me the Drama in Pink, Vintage Inspired Chiffon Fabric and Rhinestone Rose Necklace for everyday wear to review. I love the color pink and I love a vintage looking piece of jewelry. This necklace was perfect for me! The rose can be worn to either side … [Read more...]