Steam Mop For Home the HAAN Agile SI40 Steam Mop

We had our floors redone a couple of months ago, gorgeous hardwood floors that are simply stunning! That means that the whole main floor is hardwood and tile (in the kitchen) so a regular mop has been my nemesis for a couple of months now. I already have back problems and the mop doesn’t do my back … [Read more...]

Dirty Work Index Released By Scrubbing Bubbles

Household cleaning responsibilities seem to always fall on the woman of the house and for the most part most men are rarely seen scrubbing the bathtub, tile, or the toilet. Scrubbing Bubbles recently released their second annual Dirty Work Index Survey, which tackles that age old question about how … [Read more...]

Wall Mural Stencils Paws Park from My Wonderful Walls

I will admit that I am sort of crafty. I can do little crafts with kids, I can sew a little bit and I can knit a square or crochet a blanket but that’s about it. I am not talented at painting or drawing at all. If I drew a horse it would come out like a stick figure horse, that’s how talented I … [Read more...]

Recycle Bin Storage Solutions Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler

There isn’t anything fashionable about garbage except one thing recycling. Being eco-friendly in today’s day in age is a fantastic thing and is as common as wearing your shoes. While some states aren’t blessed with the best recycling programs and others have fantastic ones there is still a need to … [Read more...]

Spring Floral Arrangements from Teleflora

Our family is full of traditions some that I love and others that we carry on just because it makes our family members happy. One of the traditions I love the most is springtime in my house. I love flowers and when I met my fiancée on the first day of spring he would get me a beautiful arrangement … [Read more...]

Designer Baby Play Blanket in Modern Berries from Oilo

  When we had our first bundle of joy many years ago we were determined to save money. We wanted to get the most bang for our buck so to speak.  We didn’t have a lot of money at the time and wanted to make sure we got everything that we needed for the baby. One thing I never thought of … [Read more...]