Business Comfortable Attire With Tea Collection Womens Clothing

Business Comfortable Attire Before CES 2012, I was on the search for comfortable business attire. I wanted to look professional, yet be able to be presentable after a long day of walking. This means I needed business comfortable attire. What is business comfortable attire? This is clothing that … [Read more...]

Best Fitting Skinny Jeans For Curvy Women Hello Skinny Jeans

I recently attended CES and was sent a pair of Hello Skinny Green Jeans to wear as part of my conference attire. Green Jeans are Ultra-slimming blue jeans which are washed with air instead of water. This process saves hundreds of gallons of water and the use of caustic chemicals. GreenJeans™ are … [Read more...]

Wallflower Jeans Are The Best Womens Jeans

Best Womens Jeans Wallflower Jeans are the best womens jeans. Just as my second child, Reagan, approached her first birthday, I finally got down to weight that I haven't seen since before I had kids! Although my weight is back down, my body after two kids just isn't the same.  I have struggled with … [Read more...]

Project Iris Unique One-of-a-kind Graphic Tees For Women

Graphic Tees For Women Beauty is not measured by just outside appearance but also by a women’s inner beauty. When searching online for graphic tees for women, I found Project Iris. Project Iris has developed their company around inner and outer beauty through their unique and beautiful women’s … [Read more...]