Touch Screen Gloves Where Fashion Meets Technology

I was looking for a pair of stylish winter gloves to match my new coat and was very curious when Grandoe approached me review their Sensor Touch, touch screen gloves. I was thinking, "Now how does that work?" I have always had to remove my gloves when using my Smart phone, getting cash from the ATM … [Read more...]

Unique Belt Buckles for Women at Belt Buckle Boutique

Being the budding fashionista that I am I can tell you that accessories are a must have for a couple of reasons. Accessories can dress up a very plain outfit; it can take a pair of jeans and a t-shirt to an outfit that is amazing for that night out on the town. If can take that comfortable simple … [Read more...]

Bras For Curvy Women The Lottie by Curvy Kate

Sometimes being a larger size is a bit difficult there isn’t as many cute clothes or bra’s for that matter. Now I am not a large size because of my height but I am not small either but I still like the girly looking things and not what is more commonly referred to as “granny” bras. I am still a … [Read more...]

Mombo Nursing Pillow Review from Comfort and Harmony

I have spoken before about my best friend who is expecting her first baby in the fall. She is a glow but very lost and confused as well. She gets overwhelmed with all of the products for baby on the market today. There are so many choices and so many options that it’s hard to choose the right one. … [Read more...]

Bottles For Breastfed Babies Evenflo Bebek Line

Finding the right bottle is very important especially if you are a working mother and don’t have the ability to feed on demand. Bottles are a wonderful solution but can sometimes pose problems for mothers who are nursing. One of them is the baby gets use to the bottle and refuses to feed from your … [Read more...]

Affordable Fashion Sunglasses For The Whole Family From The Sunglass Man Online

Summer is almost here and it’s pretty hard to believe since it has been cold and raining here constantly. I have a ton of summer must haves for each person in the family. One of them is repeated for each person is sunglasses. They are my top summer must have for everyone in the family.  If I had a … [Read more...]